• HD Voice Quality

    VoIPtig allows you to make HD voice quality calls to landlines and other VoIP lines around the World. Signing up is quick and FREE, what are you waiting for!
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  • Connecting Offices

    VoIPtig allows you to connect your offices together, allowing internal dialling across your branches. Calls can be transferred with ease, your network simply grows with your company.
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  • Pick Up Your eNumber

    Grab your FREE eNumber today and start using the VoIPtig. Simply fill out your details and we will send you over a unique eNumber!
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  • Top Up Your Account

    Rather than paying a monthly subscription simply top up when you want to use your VoIP account. Start from as little as $5.
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Call Packages

Monthly call packages are an easy way to stay in touch with friends and relatives. 

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DID Numbers

Select a local area code and receive a unique phone number with that code to receive calls on.

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Pay As You Go

Make calls to a multitude of desitnations, no subscription fees and no hidden costs.

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VoIP Networks

Ideal for businesses looking to implement a cost-effective communications solution. 

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Quality. Reliable. Simple


Save money with VoIPtig!

There are many reasons to use a VoIP line over a traditional landline solutions. One of the main reasons is the cost. VoIP allows you to call any landline or mobile throughout the World using just your internet connection. This allows for a low cost solution as you are not paying the expensive connection fees which usually apply. If you don’t believe us see our call rates.

Probably the best feature of VoIPtig is the free calls customers can make to any other VoIPtig customer. By simply signing up for an enumber, you can start using VoIPtig today.

VoIP as a landline

Some places do not have the infrastructure for a traditional landline system, or they are in a rural area which is not covered. Paying for a landline to be installed can be very expensive solution, a satellite based broadband solutions coupled with VoIP can get your business off the ground no matter where you are.

You can use your VoIP line to make calls in many different ways;

  • Phone-to-phone VoIP calls
  • PC-to-PC VoIP calls
  • PC-to-phone VoIP calls

For any of your communication needs VoIPtig can offer a solution which is suitable, reliable and affordable. Find out more about each of our packages. Contact us for a more specific package to suit your business.



See who we work with

We work with many different suppliers to give you the best possible solution. All packages are tailor made to fit your preferences and brief. We are also able to supply you with IP phones from the manufacturers listed below.